Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Look what I can do......

I had to show off my self portrait skill. Apparently after a few drinks I'm not to bad at extending my arm and taking a picture. I won't put everyone to sleep with all the pictures I took like this plus I don't want to look like I'm bragging with my new found talent :) Oh, and I meant to cut off the top off Todd's head if that's what you all are thinking....hehe!! What a fun night and I wish everyone could have been here to celebrate 60 wonderful years of my Mom. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Margarittaville Club

Well I had to post a picture of the charter members of our Margaritta club down here. Every Monday and Friday we get together after work and have a few margarittas. Anyone is welcome but the only thing is you have to bring your own bar stool :)
I thought this would a good shot of Mom's new necklace Dan got her. It is so beautiful. Doesn't Aunt Cathy and Amber look great? Told you Mom had a great time :) Posted by Picasa Oh, by the way I have no idea if I'm spelling Margaritta right......

Happy 60th Birthday Mom!

All I can say is Dan really out did himself on this one. Not only did he get Mom a beautiful Omega necklace for the 60th birthday but he also got her 60 yellow roses (her favorite), and oh and limo took friends and family out to Copelands for dinner. No kids I may add!!! We all had such a great time and Mom was in rare form :) Happy Birthday Mom and thank you Dan for making Mom feel like a queen!Posted by Picasa

All in the Family

My brother, his wife Kelly, and my niece and nephew came down for a visit a couple of weeks ago and we had a great time. Kelly and I went to Lenox Square and well she shopped and I just looked around. :) We all trucked it down to the GA Aquarium and oh boy is all I can say. I was a nervous wreck keeping track of all the kids. Evan has officially met his match with his cousin McKenzie. All I kept hearing all weekend was how much Kenzie is just like her Aunt Nikki. Poor John and Kelly. I had this photo blown up to a 8x10 and framed for Mom's 60th birthday present. I think she really liked it. It sort of amazing seeing all the life Mom has created. Updates of her 60th b-day coming next!! Posted by Picasa

My Daughter is a Genius!!

Ok I may be exaggerating just a little bit Morgan did make all A's on her report card and did win a writing contest at her school. There was a winner in each grade and she won for 4th grade. Her picture is posted on her school's website if you want to check it out.

Sorry it has been forever and a year since I posted last and yes I do have tons to catch up on. Evan's t-ball games, Mom's 60th b-day party w/ pictures and John, Kelly, and the kid's visit w/ pictures as well.