Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Safety Dance

Would you trust your child around moving vehicles with my daughter? Well if you go to Varner Elementary you have to :) Morgan was invited to join the Safety Patrol at her school this year. It was a tough decision because she had to decide if she wanted to be on the news team again or safety patrol. She opted to try something different this year. Oh, she just informed me that the she got a letter saying no can do on the news team and the safety patrol teacher said that she would like for her to do this and that she would like this better. All in all, Morgan is happy with her new responsibility and I just can't wait to wake up at the crack of dawn every single morning ;) Did I mention she has to be there at 7:10 in the morning? In all seriousness, we are very proud of our little girl and that her teachers think so highly of her. Way to go Morgan!!!  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 20, 2006


This was an outfit that Morgan and her best friend Ema have talked about wearing on the second day of school about all summer long. It became so famous that I had to take a picture! Oh, see the necklace she is wearing? Well her and Ema did not discuss that part of the outfit but they both wore the same necklace too! O M G! So I'm told:) Posted by Picasa

Evan's First Day of Pre-K!

Ok, well it was a little hard to get Evan to stand still but this was the best picture I could get. He was so excited getting to go to his new room. The room is bigger, has new toys, and he got a new teacher. He was happy just to say it was his first day of school too whenever Morgan would mention her day. He was going three days a week while he was in the early pre-k program but now he is going an entire week in the pre-k program. Oh, and the best thing is that we signed him up for the Tumble Bus. Basically it is a gym on wheels. He will go once a week and just another thing for us to spend money on. Real quick, the bus does not move. It stays in the parking lot. In case anyone was wondering. Keep your fingers crossed that he continues wanting to go to school. Lord help me...... Posted by Picasa

Morgan's First Day of 5th Grade!

Can you believe our little baby girl is in 5th grade? Well I can't!!!! She was so excited and so nervous. Lord I can remember those days and I even had butterflies in my stomach too. It's a little sad thinking this was the last time she will ever have her first day of school in elementary :( Oh, and just a side note. It took us about 2 1/2 hours at Limited Too picking out this outfit. The time was well worth it. We had a lot of fun and damn she looks cute :) Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 05, 2006

It's only been two months......

I think I should be fired from the blog society since it has been so long since I last posted anything. I have no excuse. Well I have one. I actually forgot to take my camera to the beach so we had to buy one of those disposable ones when we got there. Then it took me forever to remember to drop off the film. Then it took me forever to remember to pick it up. So I guess that would be three good excuses right there :) Hope everyone enjoys the pics from our beach trip. We had a great time and already counting down till next year.

Baby got Back

Can you guess what Evan is doing? Can I just say once he figured out how to get the sand off and out of his butt this is where you could always find him. Not that we ever lost him. I'm just saying :) Posted by Picasa

Mamma's Boy

I'm only including this picture because I'm rarely in any family vacation pictures. So this is proof I was there and had a great time. Todd's family is the greatest and I'm so lucky to be a part of it. Posted by Picasa

Isabelle, Evan, and Morgan

We all remember what wearing t-shirts at the beach means. No one got fried but we thought we would be on the safe side and keep them covered up for a day. Evan was so happy here. Morgan and Isabelle were finally giving him some attention.  Posted by Picasa

My Boys

It was so hot at the beach the only way to stay cool was to stay in the pool. Not a problem for Evan and Todd. Posted by Picasa

The Incredible Hulk?

Evan had a blast needless to say. He actually wore holes in his water wings. He kept us on our toes. I swear that boy fears nothing! I just hope his guardian angel is fast on their toes too :) Posted by Picasa

Our little Beach Bunny

Little Morgan in the big ocean. This is one of the few pictures I got of her at the beach because she was always running around with her cousin Isabelle. Mom actually did not know who this was. She thought it was a teenager. God help me ! Posted by Picasa