Saturday, January 21, 2006

Morgan's New Look

Did I mention Morgan got her hair cut? Well she did and here she is! It didn't take much convincing her. I just said it would make her look older and it's always neat going back to school after a long break with a new look. Posted by Picasa

The Crime Scene

Here is the famous fountain! I wanted to get a picture before the girls got into everything but everyone but one girl showed up early. What is so hard to understand 7pm. Not 6:30! Needless to say they stood there like vultures waiting for me to put everything out. By the looks of it I think the junk food was a success. Oh, and I also made pigs in the blanket just to clarify that they had some type of real food....hehe! Posted by Picasa

Slumber Party

All I can say is that it took the adults all night to put a dent a the chocolate fondue fountain and it took the girls about an hour. I think they all had a great time and some of the girls never went to sleep. Actually everyone is still here and I think I'm going to go and blow my brains out any second!!!! What was I thinking? I thought as the girls got older things would be easier but I was way off on that one. I can't wait till everyone goes home so I can go to bed. I'm so tired :( Posted by Picasa

The Little Gym

Morgan's last day at the Little Gym. She has been going there for about 2 years and learned her basic skills and now she is moving on to something bigger and better. Hopefully she will learn some new stuff at her new gym. Posted by Picasa