Friday, October 26, 2007

Baby Update baby yet but we are progressing in the right direction. As of 11:30 this morning I had dilated to three centimeters (out of ten) and my cervix is "nice and soft"! But the best part is if I do not have this baby boy over the weekend then I am going to be induced on Monday! From my other two experiences whenever the doctor spoke of inducing both Morgan and Evan made their appearance before the induction date. So I am pretty much thinking this weekend plus I have been having contractions all day, just not consistent. So keep baby in your thoughts and prayers and can't wait to post some pictures of our new little one.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Evan's first visit from the Tooth Fairy

Branden Tyler King's Room

Thanks to the much needed help from Jeni and Dean I do believe Branden's room is finished and the nursery has come together quite nicely. There are few more touches I would like to add but I wanted to post some pictures before baby arrives. When I get the other stuff up I will try to make sure to post some pictures. So anytime Branden wants to make his appearance he has a place to sleep and a place for all his things.

Belly/Baby Update with 2 Weeks to go!

Baby Branden is moving and growing like crazy and Mommy is ready for baby to say hello to this world. At this point I can't tell which is bigger by belly or my ass.

Go Indians!

Here is our "flyer" Morgan. Morgan's little 6th grade squad is doing fantastic! The football team is undefeated and heading to the playoffs and Miss Morgan is the cutest little cheerleader you have ever seen. I will say that every time she is up in the air "flying" it makes my heart skip a beat when she is coming down. And one more thing, God help those girls if they ever drop my little girl ;)


The boy has found something else he enjoys and Todd and I have found something that finally tires him out.....well sort of. This little guy is something to watch. I really don't know much about soccer but I do know you have to get a goal to score a point, which he made six of at his first game and he is the only player out there playing defense. Of course I think that comes from home, not at soccer practice, with him Todd playing out back and he doesn't want Todd to score. Just a side note.....he hates to lose. :)

First Day of School 2007

Morgan's 1st day of Middle School (6th grade). She is doing great minor a few "tween" set backs but she is adjusting great and becoming a little miss social butterfly.
Mr. Evan's first day of Kindergarten. You wouldn't believe the change in this little guy. Don't get me wrong he still has his moments but we have a lot less than we use to. At first he said kindergarten was boring and that were learning "baby stuff" and the same ol thing. But now he seems to have found his groove and is trucking right along.