Thursday, November 20, 2008

Love at first sight!

Morgan's first kiss!
Morgan's first kiss

I think my heart just skipped a beat.
Our little Casanova

Once in a lifetime

The crew, originally uploaded by Nikki KIng.

Mom and Dan took us all down to Orlando for a long weekend and made it possible for all of us to experience one of the most amazing memory we will ever have. We had an awesome time and I am so happy that we all got to share this great time together. I have always wanted to have an up close adventure with a dolphin and this trip far exceeded my expectations. A real dream has come true all thanks to Mom and Dan.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here you go Daddy

A day in our life......

I love my Mommy

Branden always makes sure Mommy is close by :)

Hey look at me, I'm a big boy now!

Silly Mommy, get this off my head

Soccer 08'

Hi Mommy
Evan played another great season of soccer. His favorite position was goal keeper and he did a pretty good job at it if I can say so myself. He also won the award for most valuable player, which sort of surprised me because the league he was in was not competitive at all. So you can pretty much bet Evan would get some "good" about sportsmanship from his Daddy. Oh well, that's our Evan and we wouldn't want him any other way ;)

Wait for it....
Waiting patiently.....

Evan always seemed to hang back and play defense. I think he was smart enough to wait for the ball to come to him instead of getting tangled up with all the other kids.

water break

Oh my, how he loved his Gatorade/water breaks.

Let's go Indians!

>Isn't she pretty?
Morgan in her competition uniform. Her squad did really well this year and worked really hard.
Let's just say it was a "rebuilding" year. One thing I can say for sure is that her tumbling has improved 100%. Way to go Morgan on a great competition year!

On our way in for a competition.
Morgan and some of her friends headed into one of her competitions. Isn't she the prettiest little thing?

Morgan and her friend Ema.
Morgan and her long time friend Ema after a competition. They were sort of ticked because they got robbed at this comp. Really they did and I'm not just saying this because I'm her Mommy. Hehe!

Our Miss Morgan
"Come on crowd yell it loud, Blue and Gold!" I can't quite tell if I embarrass her or not when I cheer along but I can't help it, old habits die hard.