Wednesday, December 28, 2005

And to all a good night.....

Evan is so ready to go home. I bet he was the hardest working 4 year old opening presents around the world. When we got home he told Todd to take his shoes and socks off and to get his jamas. He was out before his head hit the pillow. Posted by Picasa

What's for Dinner????

This one is for Jeni! Mom cooked a great dinner as usual. Well she did the ham, scalloped potatoes, slaw, and green beans but I bought the rest of the sides at Honey Baked Ham with a gift certificate that work gave me. Pretty good stuff for being store bought. But hey, you all know I have no problems what so ever buying my meals. Posted by Picasa

OMG - This is Morgan in five or six years!!

This if Crystal, my cousin Zach's girlfriend. She is so just so sweet. She came over to Mom's with Cathy and the boys and we all just had a great time. Sweet girl is just all I can say about her. Oh, and Evan really likes her too. Posted by Picasa

Pretty in Pink

It's official! For all of you who knows that Morgan could not stand the color pink she has now stated she LIKES it! I am so happy to say she did not got one thing blue this year and was just tickled everytime she opened something and it was pink. Well she did get a Nintendo DS that was blue but I don't think that counts:) My pretty little girl in pink... Posted by Picasa

Look Mommy I got a Car!

Evan was having a great time at Mom's house opening up his gifts. I think Santa thought Evan lived there too:) Posted by Picasa

Todd's Favorite Present of All Time!!!!!

This is what Todd's parents got him for Christmas. Needless to say Todd was overjoyed and I think he even got tears in his eyes when he opened it.....hehe! Posted by Picasa

Just what I wanted!!

This is one of Evan's new tracks he got this Christmas. One of four. Todd swears he had this same one last year but I think it is a little different. His other one did not have the road going around it. We did remember why we didn't like it though, the damn thing kept coming apart. So as all parents would do, we got the super glue out and glued the entire thing. Problem solved and Evan loves his new "garage". Posted by Picasa

Christmas Morning

Morgan had a great Christmas! I couldn't tell you how many times she said said call 911 because I'm having a heart attack! I think over all she was very pleased with Santa's work Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 18, 2005

"Big City Man"

Evan played till he dropped today! Todd and Evan have been playing some game on the computer together for the last two weeks. I don't know the real name of the game but Evan calls it "Big City Man". It is some game where they drive a car around blowing up things. I'm such a great mom- hehe! As soon as Todd walks in the door at night Evan is pulling him down stairs saying over and over "big city man, big city man daddy. What good bonding time. Cars and explosions, what could two boys ask for :) Posted by Picasa

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Here is our christmas tree which I just notice we forgot to put the top on it it. Crap! The topper is sitting on the table next to the tree. Evan likes to play with it because it is Santa. I figured it wasn't worth the fight to take it away from him. You know Evan...... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the Way......

Morgan had a Vocalier performance tonight at Barnes and Noble. They sang Christmas carols in a big group up on stage and then they all separated into smaller groups and sang all over the store. What a sight. This performance was a practice run for the real thing at the middle school around Christmas. She was in rare form because we got there early (what a shocker) so we decided to have a latte while we waited. I couldn't help but stare at her at how she is becoming such a little lady as we drank our coffee and discussed if she should tuck her jeans in her new furry boots or leave them out. What a fun night! Oh yeah, we left Evan at home :) Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 28, 2005

On our way to see the Hokies Play

We had to drop Lizzie off for a sleep over at Nicole's and Gracie's house while we went to Bluefield over Thanksgiving weekend. We had a great time seeing our beloved Hokies play and kick UNC's butt even though it was freezing. Todd and I decided our blood is way to thin now to take that kind of weather. Evan fell asleep during the 1st quarter waiting for Daddy to bring him back a caramel apple but woke up during half time. Morgan did great, as usual. The kids were real troopers and Lizzie was happy to see her boy Monday night when we all got home. A big thanks to Aunt Nicole and cousin Gracie for taking care of our Lizzie. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 24, 2005

10th Annv. Party (August 12, 2005)

Group picture from our annv. party. Jeni and Dean really out did themselves for this one. Posted by Picasa

I did it!

Well I finally created this blog to keep everyone, who's interested, updated about the kids, the pets, and us. Please be patient while I figure this whole thing out. If you know me it will take awhile. Keep checking back. Oh, Jeni and Dean you know I will be asking tons of questions.


Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone has a yummy Thanksgiving!


Georgia Aquarium

We all went to the new GA quarium on Tuesday and had a great time. You would not believe how huge this place is. Amazing is all I can say. It's definitely going to be on our list to do when we have friends and family.