Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where do I begin?

It's been so long since I posted that I can't decide where to I'm just going to jump right in and hope you all can keep up.

Did you all know Todd and I went to the Netherlands and Paris back in March? Well we did and we had a great time. There was not much sight seeing in the Netherlands, but the town was very relaxing and the weather was quite windy. After a week there we took a high speed train to Paris and were able to see plenty of sights along the way. I couldn't believe that little ole me from Powder Springs, Ga was sitting on a train with her hubby on their way to Paris. When we arrived at Paris, we took a taxi from the train station to the hotel (no one told us ahead of time that our taxi driver was going to be Evel Knievel) and our hotel was in the perfect location and just what we wanted (pictures coming later). During our stay, we were typical sightseers and saw everything we set out to see. We had a wonderful time but couldn't wait to get back to this great country of ours.

The next thing to happen (if we're going in order of events) is something I wish I could say occurred while in Paris (but Powder Springs is going to have to do) is that I'm Pregnant!!!! The baby is due Oct. 25th and we will know June 5th what we are having. I have been feeling great and baby is (or at least my belly) is growing like crazy. I'll make sure to post some pics soon.

Next up is the news that Evan's baseball team went an undefeated 17 -0 and won their tournament championship game! Go Angels! Evan had a great season. Towards the end of the season he was hitting tons of coach pitches and even making some plays out in center field. We just loved his new coach this season and Evan has learned so much. We are expecting a call from Bobby Cox any day now :)

Evan also graduated Pre-K last week and won the award for Math Wizard (go figure). Oh yeah, can't wait till I get the pictures up..... Evan in full cap and gown. Too Cute!!!

And our Miss Morgan just finished elementary school (5th grade) and had her big "Walk of Honor" at her school last week too. I can't believe my baby girl is going to be in 6th grade. I'm starting to feel really old now. Her big award this year was the President's Education Award in Outstanding Academic Excellence. We are so proud of our little girl.

I do believe that this wraps the last several months and I will get the pictures up as soon as I can and I"ll try to do better with the updates.