Friday, July 20, 2007

Congratulations Meghan and AJ!

Meghan and AJ's wedding was absolutely beautiful and an absolute blast! Meghan looked so beautiful. What a great and perfect day for Meghan and AJ and all their friends and family. Thank you so much Mr. & Mrs. Schaeffer for including us in your special day.

Mommy's Growing Belly

I thought some of you would be interested to see how the baby is growing. Mommy and belly are growing right along and doing great.

Morgan's Elementary Graduation

This is just something I can't believe. Our baby girl is going into Middle School. Lisa I think it is time you moved back to Georgia and teach Morgan. I'm serious. It goes against everything I believe in to release her into a Middle School world. She smart and beautiful and in Middle School that's either good thing or a bad thing or maybe both depending on which click you are asking. I remember Middle School.....pure hell. God give me strength and Lord help Morgan.

Evan's Pre-k Graduation

Is he not the cutest thing you have ever laid your eyes on? He was so proud and acted so grown up. We got tons of video of their little songs they sang and of the awards they received. I think I may have mention before that Evan got the award for being a Math Wizard. Cute and smart. Lord help me.

Evan's Championship Trophy

What a great season! Evan learned so much and had so much fun. Especially since his team did not lose one single game and he started hitting coach pitches. His coach was fantastic and the other kids and their parents made the season so much fun. We can't wait for next season. OMG....I think I have turned into one "those" parents.

The Louvre

Venus de Millo

What a sight! The Louvre was a place I wasn't sure about but ended being one of my favorite places. I can now say that I have actually seen the original Mona Lisa. How many people can say that? It really does not take a lot to amuse me. Can you tell? Anyhow, the next time you are in Paris I would stop by the Louvre an check it out.


These first two pictures was the view from our hotel room in Paris. It was just as I imagined. It was a little small but was right on the street and in the middle of everything. It was perfect.

This was a picture we took as we were walking to the Eiffel Tower. As we were walking we realized it was a lot further away than we thought. Well I least I did. Todd said he had a good idea that it was that far away. Whatever :) To make a long story short, we should have taken a taxi.

Another famous self portrait. It was the best one out of about ten. That's pretty sad. But we really wanted a picture in front of the Arc de Triumph and no one would make eye contact with you to maybe take a picture for you unless they were trying to sell you something.

Better Late than Never....

Hotel Tiel
Here is some shots of our hotel room in while were were in Holland. Where we staying was not your typical fields of green and tulips but it was still a place to remember to say the least. However, the on the train ride to Paris we saw some beautiful sites with all the farmland and tulips you could imagine but the camera was packed so we missed our on those shots. Go figure.....