Saturday, December 16, 2006

Brace Face.....sorry I couldn't resist sweetie :) You know I love you.

Thought I would share with everyone what our pretty little girl was looking like lately. Check out the red and green bands. You know for Christmas:) And she said she is going to get pink bands for Valentine's Day. Apparently braces a cool now. Who would of seen that one coming. She is doing great now and not complaining about anything. She is doing a great job with brushing and flossing. Oh, she got braces for her bite, not crooked teeth. Just in case anyone was wondering. Anyway she looks cute as a button with her festive teeth. Posted by Picasa

My Christmas Present from Todd

This is my best Christmas present ever! This was a complete surprise and I didn't see this coming at all. Granted I thought everyone was acting a little strange because my cell phone had to ring at least ten times that day from Todd, Mom, and Dan all wanting to know what I was doing and when I was going to be home. I was thinking to myself they just need to chill out, I'm just getting my hair and nails done for Todd's office party ( I will post some pics of those later and yes we had a fantastic time) right here in Powder Springs. So after I was finished getting all fancy I called Todd to make sure he had the kids and he said he did but my Mom wanted me stop by so she could see my hair and that he was taking the kids to get some candy and that he would meet me at Mom's. Ok I thought......So here I am at Mom and Dan's and they were doing their normal things (looking back they were definitely trying to distract me from seeing out the front windows) and Todd comes in saying the boy will not get out of the car- yadda, yadda, yadda and that I needed to get him out. Not unusual behavior for Evan. So Todd told me to come this way, out the garage and there it was. A BRAND NEW HONDA PILOT WITH A BIG RED BOW!!!!!!! I was and still am speechless and shocked. I couldn't believe that he had pulled this off. I'm still in a bit of a daze. Every so often I look out in the garage to make sure I'm not dreaming. Thank you Todd for making another one of my long time wishes come true! Oh, And thanks for last night too :) I love you. Posted by Picasa