Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Baby Boy King

Here are some of my first pictures that I had taken yesterday. The first picture is a profile shot with my arm/hand raised up to my head. Cause you know, I've been doing tons of work and I'm sort of worn out. If you check out the middle picture you can see the money shot and that I'm not a shy boy. And the third shot is sort of a spooky one but a neat one. My Mommy says she has pictures just like this one of my big sister and my big brother. Morgan and Evan sound so cool......I can't wait to meet them :)
I hope all enjoy and I will have more pictures taken in about two months so make sure to check back.
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It's A Boy!!

We had our 20 wk ultrasound today and there is no mistake that this little one is a healthy baby boy. Just like his big brother did, this one too was not the least bit shy about showing his "stuff". We took Morgan with us so she could be a part of this exciting day and so she could have her own special memory of when and how she found out she was having another baby brother. Todd and were so happy she was there to share this with us. Oh, and the first thing Evan said to me when I picked him up from school was " is the baby a boy or girl?". When I told him it is a boy, you would have thought I told him he just won a billion dollars or that he was having a baby brother. It was really sweet to see how happy and excited he was. Just in case you couldn't figure out, Evan really, really, really wanted a brother :)