Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yep, I live in Georgia

This is how Evan handles a two day garage sale. Our neighborhood had one on Saturday but it rained all morning but cleared up in the afternoon. If we know anything about garage sales your crowd comes in the morning. So Amber and I thought we would go ahead and extend it to Sunday. Believe it or not we actually did better on Sunday. I actually made about $200. Not bad for sitting in your garage for 2 days drinking bloody marys. Evan was a busy boy and worked really hard rearranging all the price tags on everything. Posted by Picasa

Amber and the Boys

Evan and Daelin are really having a good time together lately. Poor Daelin is having a hard time keeping up with Evan but he is a real trouper. It is so fun to see mine and Amber's little boys playing together. Posted by Picasa

How many eggs do you have?

Morgan and Evan had another egg hunt at Mom and Dan's house Easter Day with the eggs they colored the day before. I thought this was a cute picture. It's really hard to get a picture of them together being nice to each other. Posted by Picasa

P Y T (Pretty Young Thing)

Another picture of my pretty girl.... Posted by Picasa

Here We Are

Easter morning went pretty well with a few laughs I may add. Typically the Easter Bunny leaves the kid's Easter baskets on the kitchen table. Well this year the Easter Bunny thought he would mix things up a little and put their baskets on the dining room table. Well the kids wake up around 8am and run downstairs with out waking Todd and I up. Morgan comes in our room and says the Easter Bunny came last night and he left an entire bowl of candy on the table. Half asleep I say cool and that I will be right down. As I'm coming downstairs I look to my right on the dining room table thinking candy was going to be everywhere when to my surprise I see the Easter baskets untouched. I go in the kitchen and ask Morgan where her basket is and she says this all they got. I asked her if she saw the dining room table and I thought she was going to run me over getting in there. She said "Thank God, I thought we had been really bad this year and that the Easter Bunny didn't bring us an Easter basket and to be honest I was sort of disappointed" It was funny but sort of sad. What was in the bowl on the kitchen table was a bunch of left over candy that the Easter Bunny had no room for in the baskets. In the end Morgan and Evan loved their baskets and all the goodies in it! Posted by Picasa

Hold me Daddy :(

Well Evan would not sit still long enough for me to take a picture of him before the egg hunt but he sure was worn out after all was said and done. Did I mention he found the prize egg? Posted by Picasa

On Your Mark......

Beautiful Morgan getting set for the hunt! Posted by Picasa

Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail

Our neighborhood has an Easter egg hunt every year for the kids. We have been going every year since Morgan was 2. It is tons of fun for the kids and all. Now onto to bragging rights. Not only did one of my kids find the prize egg but both of them found the prize egg in their age group. They each one a $5 gift card from Target. That's my kind of prize! Now I know everyone is thinking whoopee a $5 gift card from Target but I'm thinking my kids won the PRIZE EGGS!!!! With Evan scoring about 10 runs in his t-ball game earlier that day and both of the kids "hunting" down the prize eggs it was a proud day in the King family.......:) Posted by Picasa

Pink is my Favorite......

After Evan's game we all came back to Mom and Dan's place and colored some eggs for Easter. Well the kids colored some eggs and the adults had a few cocktails. And yes, Evan favorite color was pink and Morgan is still concerned :) Posted by Picasa

T-Ball Update

Well leave to Evan to make up his own rules for T-ball. We all know he like to run and this boy can run fast. T-Ball can get a little boring standing out in the field so Evan made his own excitement. He decided that when the other team was up to bat that every time they hit the ball he would run from 2nd base to home plate, tell the umpire that he scored then immediately out to the bleachers where were sitting and tell everyone that he scored. Oh, and then told this other lady that he was going to color Easter eggs today! When he was finished announcing his big news either he would run back out on the field (2nd base) or Clayton's dad would lift him over the fence and send him on his way. And in case you are wondering when it was his turn to bat he did really great and would stop at first. He really did score 2 times not the 6 or 7 times he thought he did. All in all it was great game for Evan and entertaining to all the fans!