Friday, July 11, 2008

The King's in Cape Hatteras

The King's, originally uploaded by Nikki KIng.

What a great time we had with pretty much all of Todd's family. Bill did a head count one night and there were 41 of us. Wow! We all stayed in one huge beautiful house on the beach and pretty much ate, drank, and relaxed. This is a trip we try to make every year and we always are reminded of what a great time and how special it is to see everyone every time we make this trip. We already miss everyone and are counting down the days till Beach trip 2009!


Anonymous said...

is morgan really that much taller you already?????? welcome home, locve you guys, sam

Nikki said...

Hey there Sam! Morgan is actually standing on a bench or something but we are head to head. I'm about an inch taller. I'm sure she is going to catch me any day now.